Modesto 16 Year Old Is One Of The Nation’s Top Bowlers. He’s Also Legally Blind

By kncipat on June 17, 2020
Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Modesto’s Jacob Gaddam loves to go bowling.  He first started when he was 5 and like most of us found it fun, challenging and sometimes downright hard. He kept after it and after it. Today Jacob is one of the top bowlers in the area. He’s had multiple 300 games, multiple 800 series and more than one national title. He carries a 234 average!

There are 2 other things you should know about Jacob. 1) he’s only 16, and 2) he’s legally blind. 

When he first started he couldn’t even walk right let alone get a proper bowling stride down.  But that didn’t detract him. Jacob’s family got him a coach and Jacob kept at and kept at it and kept at it. He was not going to give up. Where does Jacob get his attitude in tackling tough challenges? From his mom. She told him early on is that” the world was not going to stop and bend to you.”

With so much talent you’d think Jacob would want to become a professional bowler.  Actually he has other plans.

He wants to be a mechanic, or work with wild animals or maybe become a teacher.  Whatever he chooses to do we have no doubt that Jacob will be successful. His attitude alone says he will!



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