Mom Sees Red Mark on Her Daughter, Turns Out Daycare Waxed Her Eyebrow

By Pacey on October 10, 2019
(Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

This would make me sooooo mad!

Alyssa Salgado picked her 2-year-old daughter up from a Washington State daycare, and noticed that she had a little red mark between her forehead. At first Alyssa thought it was a scratch, but then when she looked a little closer, she noticed the uni-brow her daughter was born with had been waxed off! When she went to the daycare center, she was pretty much laughed at and told lies.

So she went to Facebook to complain about this and noticed she wasn’t the only mother that this had happened to!

Below is yet ANOTHER Facebook post of a child that had been waxed while at daycare:


The county is currently looking into the situation.

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