Nail Salon and Tattoo Parlors Allowed to Open This Week

By Pacey on June 17, 2020
(Photo by Valery SharifulinTASS via Getty Images)

Have your finger and toe nails become completely atrocious because of the shelter-in-place orders like mine have?

Have you been itching to get a tattoo for the last three months?

Turns out that nail salons and tattoo parlors are finally allowed to open up this Friday, June 19th.

Sacramento County and the surrounding counties are some of the many counties in California that have been approved to move further into phase 3, which allows the opening of nail salons and tattoo parlors.

However these places will look a little bit different than they had before.

Workers and customers must wear face masks, adopt far more intense cleaning practices for shared reusable items like tweezers, and the services will be limited — no mouth or nose tattoos or piercings for now.

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