Nearly Half Of Us Want To Get Revenge On Co-Workers

Some new findings from the adult-working force say that nearly half of us want to get revenge on a co-worker somehow.

By DAVID on April 24, 2018
(Photo by McKeown/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Just as the headline says – almost half of us, out of everyone working with other people, would like to get revenge on one of our co-workers, if not multiple. Maybe they ate your food, or maybe they stole your ideas – it could be for any reason. That’s a lot of built-up anger just waiting to be released, right? *sigh* Workplace drama.

We all thought when we got out of high-school, the drama would go away, people would be friendlier, and we’d have a much easier time in life. And to that, I say “LOL.” It turns out that high-school was merely preparing us for the constant onslaught of “grown-up” drama, which goes deeper and deeper into a black hole of chaos and things we’d never dream of back in high-school. That’s a side story though. What we really discovered is that our co-workers can be evil, hateful people who take advantage of situations, or try to otherwise make us miserable. So naturally, we want to get revenge on them somehow. About 44% of the working population, of all of us, would like to get some kind of sweet, sweet revenge on co-workers.

What sort of revenge do people report wanting to do (or have done in some cases)? The list starts with the most common type of revenge sought – “causing a purposeful decline in the quality or quantity of your work.” I’m assuming that means purposely slacking on our own work, and we can’t imagine how that would hurt the other person unless they’re waiting on us to get their work done? That’s what people are reporting, anyway. Another thing from the list is simply spreading rumors, or hiding their things. That’ll teach ’em!

Ok, I honestly expected some more creative suggestio… err, I mean “reports of people doing things” than that too. How have you, if ever, gotten revenge at work? What did they do to you? See the full reports and story here.

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