Gelato bars from Popbar
Photo courtesy of Popbar

New Dessert Shop In Downtown Sacramento Features Hot Chocolate On A Stick And Customizable Gelato Bars

Popbar is coming to Sacramento just in time for the cold weather! Right now they are slated for a November opening in DOCO. Which might sound weird because they are a gelato shop. But, they also have hot chocolate on a stick. And I LOVE novelty food items. 

So, what is hot chocolate on a stick? It’s literally chocolate (or other flavors) on a stick that you put in your milk, stir and enjoy.

But, Popbar also has a ton of other stuff on their menu, like this these bomb looking gelato shakes.

They have gelato pops in a ton of flavors, and you can get them in mini and bite size versions.

Or make it into a gelato pop sandwich. Also, you get to pick your drizzle and toppings.

After posting all these pictures and looking at the menu, I am SO ready for Popbar. Let the countdown begin!

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