New Dessert Shop In Downtown Sacramento Features Hot Chocolate On A Stick And Customizable Gelato Bars

By Admin on November 2, 2018
Gelato bars from Popbar
Photo courtesy of Popbar

Popbar is coming to Sacramento just in time for the cold weather! Right now they are slated for a November opening in DOCO. Which might sound weird because they are a gelato shop. But, they also have hot chocolate on a stick. And I LOVE novelty food items. 

So, what is hot chocolate on a stick? It’s literally chocolate (or other flavors) on a stick that you put in your milk, stir and enjoy.

But, Popbar also has a ton of other stuff on their menu, like this these bomb looking gelato shakes.

They have gelato pops in a ton of flavors, and you can get them in mini and bite size versions.

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Party with miniPops!! Email

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Or make it into a gelato pop sandwich. Also, you get to pick your drizzle and toppings.

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The best of both worlds👅 #popWich

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After posting all these pictures and looking at the menu, I am SO ready for Popbar. Let the countdown begin!

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