News Anchor Tries ‘World’s Hottest Chip,’ Throws Up On Air [VIDEO]

Note to self: Don’t try the “World’s Hottest Chip.”

By Doug Lazy on October 27, 2017
(Photo By: PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP / Getty Images)

Note to self: Don’t try the “World’s Hottest Chip.” A Denver news anchor did on air, and it didn’t go well. As I’m sure you can imagine. WGN TV reports Natalie Tysdal took a small bite of the Paqui Chip, a selfie with it, a sip of her coffee…then hurled behind the desk!

She shared the aftermath on Facebook, writing, “I thought I was okay until I had a drink of my coffee to wash down the chip. I threw up, couldn’t breathe and felt like fire was coming out of my mouth, nose and ears. I had a bottle of water, a glass of milk, a tablespoon of honey and 3 mints and still felt on fire. An hour later I had chills and a massive headache. Three hours have gone by and I feel like I was beat up in a dark alley … I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Omg! Watch and try not to LOL below.

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