No, You Can Not Bring Your Emotional Support Squirrel On An Airplane

A woman was travelling with an emotional support squirrel, and made it all the way onto the plane before the airline noticed and tried to get her to deboard.

By karlibenoit on October 10, 2018
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Emotional support animals are a touchy topic. Usually people have dogs, but sometimes there’s a cat, or even a miniature horse. Some people go to the extreme though, with peacocks, hamsters, and like this lady, a squirrel.

Truthfully, A squirrel seem to be a little less of a threat to an airplane than, say, a python, but they can still wreak havoc. It actually caused a two-hour flight delay, but not because it got loose. See, when you make an airline reservation, you can indicate whether or not you’ll be travelling with an animal. That’s exactly what this woman did, she said she was travelling with an emotional support animal. What she or the airline failed to do was identify what sort of animal it was.

So naturally, when she got to security with her squirrel, well, she got through on the “emotional support” clause. She made it to the terminal, and even boarded the plane. But once on the plane, the airline found out she was travelling with Rocky (5-points if you catch that reference). They asked her to leave, but she refused. It got to the point that police had to show up, and they actually asked everyone else to get off the plane. Eventually, police got the woman off the plane, and the other passengers could get back on and head to Cleveland. Two hours late.

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