Non-Verbal Autistic Teen Shocks Everyone In Attendance When He Speaks At Graduation (Watch)

No one had heard Sef Scott speak, until graduation night

By kncipat on June 14, 2018
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

There was a surprise speaker at Plano Senior High’s graduation.  He wasn’t listed in the program and honestly was the last person anyone expected to speak.  His name is Sef Scott.  Sef , a graduating senior, has autism.  He’s non-verbal.  According to in the 4 years that Sef spent at Plano Senior High the majority of his classmates and teachers had never heard him speak.  But Sef has always had plenty to say, just not out loud.  This past Saturday night at graduation ceremony Sef got up and spoke….for six minutes.  As you might expect his speech was met with tears, cheers, and a standing ovation.  Sef’s message was exactly what he was demonstrating:  Do The Unexpected.

Here’s Sef’s moving speech:

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