North Carolina Restaurant Selling Tarantula Burger In April [PHOTO]

By Admin on April 20, 2018
Bull City Burger and Brewery Tarantula Burger North Carolina (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)
(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Nope. You couldn’t even get me to walk inside of this North Carolina restaurant. Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham is on it’s seventh annual Exotic Meats Month. And this month features a┬átarantula challenge.┬áSo yeah, just typing that made me want to cry and vomit.

But, so many people venture to the North Carolina joint that they have to have a lottery. Meaning, only 15 people will get to enjoy the tarantula burger. Which consists of gruyere cheese, spicy chili paste and a giant spider.

What The Tarantula Burger Tastes Like

“It’s very crispy, just like the end of a fried shrimp tail,” Gross told New Observer. “Not to get too technical, but it is an exoskeleton.” One other man who are the burger described it in the following way.

“It’s very much got the texture of, like, dry jerky with a nice chili finish. It’s not chewy at all. This is like the crunchiest jerky you’ve ever had. It’s not like other meats.

But seriously, I now want to cry again. However, almost all 15 burgers have been eaten so there are some crazy people out there.

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