Not Just A Millennial’s Favorite, This Squirrel Like Avocado Too [VIDEO]

Competing with Pizza Rat, a squirrel was just caught on camera devouring a whole avocado, only he wasn’t using it on a piece of toast.

By DAVID on June 11, 2018
(Photo by Carl Fourie/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Pizza Rat, Pizza Pup, and now Avocado Squirrel. Animals taking over people-food is a thing recently, and this one is just perfect for the avocado craze that’s happening. Avocados have been exploding in popularity as well as price over the past couple years. Avocado toast, smoothies, grilled avocado, you can do almost anything.

So now, competing in popularity with Pizza Rat, the rat in the New York subway seen carrying an entire slice of pizza, Avocado Squirrel. He (or she) was spotted eating an avocado, using both hands. Like, straight digging into this thing like it was the last one on earth and he didn’t want to share. Again, like Pizza Rat, this little guy was spotted in New York. Rather than down in the subway though, it was in the park. He was also nearly sitting on a park bench while eating the avocado, another unusual behavior for a squirrel.

We’re assuming he wanted to feed a family and just had to eat some to make it easier to carry. Yeah, that’s the story we’re going with. He wasn’t being selfish, just making it easier to carry. Ahem. Oh, we can’t forget about Churro Squirrel, either:

So, the news here is that animals eat food. They’re not “millennial” rodents, they’re just scavengers looking for some food. Is avocado safe for a squirrel? Well, we hope so, and we like to think that if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t eat the fruit. Then again some dogs constantly try to eat chocolate, so we’ll leave that alone. Check out a little more on Avocado Squirrel here.

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