Of All The Things To Steal, These Guys Stole Toilets

A criminal dup got caught stealing portable toilets, selling them for under-the-table cash, and hopefully washing their hands afterwards.

By DAVID on November 6, 2018
(Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

No, I’m not at all condoning stealing things. But of all the things that this criminal dup could have stolen, they picked toilets. Although, the toilet business is a good business, as I’ve come to learn doing the research into this story.

So, two guys are at the center of this story – a 40-year-old, and a 28-year-old. The two of them were gradually stealing portable toilets. You know, the ones you see at construction sites and music festivals. Both men worked for a company that installs and maintains the toilets. With a ton of these things on hand, I guess the two figured nobody would notice a few dropping from inventory. Then a few turned into a few more, and before anyone knew it about 100 of them were missing. The total value of 100 portable toilets comes in close to 80 grand. That’s a lot of…

Despite little to go on, the police started working on their investigation. They discovered that the two men were selling the toilets after the thefts. Not to the general public, no, but to another portable-toilet company. Basically to a competitor, and pocketing the cash. Due to the gradual nature of the toilets disappearing, it was months before anybody noticed. The company was only able to recover 3 of the missing units, and both men have been fired. See more on the story here. We’re sure the two are flushed with grief.

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