Oh Joy! Now There’s A ‘Santa Shark’ Christmas Song!

By Pacey on December 11, 2018
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Remember the song Baby Shark? Well moms and dads, now you’ll have a NEW song to get stuck in your head! – Santa Shark according to PopSugar!

It has the same tune but instead of Do do dooo it’s ho ho ho, ho ho ho ho.

“Created by a YouTube channel called Super Simple Songs — not PinkFong, which created “Baby Shark” — it’s otherwise just what you’d imagine it’d be. There’s an animated shark in a Santa hat, and it begins, “Santa shark, ho, ho, ho-ho, ho-ho . . .” For those who love the “do, do, do-do” ditty, fear not: the rest of the song follows suit, replacing family member sharks with reindeer and elves.”

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