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Olive Garden Selling Lifetime Pasta Pass, But Only for One Week

Wow! This may sound too good to be true, but it’s actually true! The only problem? They’re only selling 50 of these passes, and it costs $500.

Last year, Olive Garden created a 9-week unlimited pasta pass for $100. This year, they are taking it up a notch by also selling a Lifetime Pasta Pass.

Both of these passes also include unlimited soups and salads.

The catch? They are only selling 50 of these Lifetime Pasta Passes. The other catch? You have to purchase the 9-week pass first, and then they will offer 50 of those people the Lifetime Pass.

Here’s how it works, beginning this Thursday, August 15th, they will be selling 24,000 of the 9-week unlimited Pasta Passes for $100.

Then on Firday, August 16th, you need to check for an email to see if you are one of the 50 people that are offered the Lifetime Unlimited Pasta pass. If you are, then you have 48 hours to pay the other $400 for the Unlimited Pass.

Check out their Instagram post below:


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