On Reba’s 64th, Let’s Recall That Time Pat and Tom Were On Her TV Show

Pat nails it as “Bartender #1”

By kncitom on March 28, 2019
you know what you’re looking at there? Chemistry.

We will probably never win an ACM or CMA award for our broadcasting chops but that doesn’t matter because in 2002 we were given an honor far greater than either of those: we got to star on an episode of Reba. And by “star”, we mean we were extras and made $50 for our efforts. Ain’t none of our country broadcast brethren ever got to do that!

It all started with a phone interview. Reba co-star Melissa Peterman called in to promote the show, and we hit it off so well with her that by the end of the interview, we were inviting ourselves down to broadcast from the set. And to our surprise, rather than hang-up, she said yes. Even more to our surprise, she followed through!

Longtime listeners may recall we broadcast two full mornings from the show’s set. We got to interview all the show’s stars, including “Red” herself, and on the 2nd day, were given the chance to actually be in the show.

Below is the full episode but you can just forward to what we like to call “the good parts”–about 5:37 for Pat’s brilliant turn as a busy bartender and about 8:35 to see me get timed out during a speed dating session. Also in the bar scene at about the 8:03 mark, you can also see our former engineer Matt, looking casual and relaxed as a bar customer, which wasn’t a stretch because Matt was casual and relaxed pretty much all the time.

Fun fact #1: There was a bevy of extras in the seating area who were not happy that 3 random radio guys got picked to be not just in the show, but in significant non-speaking roles.

Fun fact #2:  In a deliciously “Pat and Tom-esque” ironic twist, the guy who wins Reba’s heart at the end of the dating session? Mark Thompson of the legendary Mark and Brian radio show in Los Angeles (who was very nice to us even though we’ve never won a major award). Of COURSE we’d get upstaged by a radio guy.

Fun fact #3: If we had it to do over again both of us would’ve gone into acting for one reason only: Craft Services. OMG.

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