Orangevale’s Devin Dawson Got Married Sunday

By kncipat on October 28, 2019
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

When you know, you know.  Orangevale’s Devin Dawson knew after his first date with Leah Sykes.  That’s when Devin told his twin brother Jacob, “I didn’t want to let anyone else be with her.”  His brother’s advice?  “Lock it down then!”  After two and half years of dating Devin locked it down Sunday in Franklin, Tennessee.  Brother Jacob performed the ceremony and the couple wrote their own vows (they’re both songwriters so makes perfect sense).  The couple have a week and a half before Devin picks his touring back up.  They’ll have a mini getaway before an elongated honeymoon abroad after the first of the year.  Congratulations you two!  

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