Oreo Just Released A Record Player That Plays Actual Cookies [PIC]

By Cody Briana on November 27, 2018
(Photo Illustration By: Scott Olson / Getty Images)

Nabisco released an Oreo Music Box for the holidays, and I REALLY want one. I don’t even know where I’d put it. The Oreo Music Box is a collectable tin that includes a mini record player that spins prerecorded tunes when you put a cookie on the turntable! I mean, come on. How cute! The audio changes every time you pick up their Oreo for a bite and set it down again. The record player also plays different songs for different types of cookies, including the limited edition peppermint bark Oreos. Vinyl enthusiasts can record their own music or messages to play too. Get it for only $20 on Amazon!

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