Outdoor Movie Series Coming Back To Downtown Sacramento

There was an outdoor movie venue last summer in Sacramento, and it did so well they’re bringing it back with more good stuff!

By DAVID on July 30, 2018
(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

I say “grown-ups” because if I wrote “adults,” the story gets an entirely different meaning. Also because it’s what the original article says. Hey – there are only so many ways to phrase things. There’s a new outdoor movie series coming to Sacramento. Just like it sounds, it’s movies, outside, on a giant screen, with no children allowed. Like a clubhouse for adults.

It’s the second year of this event, and it’s coming back in September. It’s happening at Fremont Park downtown. They’re calling it a film festival for adults, and the theme this year will be “coming of age” movies. The first movie will be on September 28th. It’s a friday night, and they’ll show the movie “The Graduate.” After than, the next film will be “Sixteen Candles” the following evening. Of course Molly Ringwald stars in that movie – and she’s native to Roseville.

The next weekend, starting October 5th (Friday night again), they’ll show “Boyz n the Hood.” Then, to close out the outdoor movie fest, “Lady Bird” will be shown on Saturday night, October 6th. “Lady Bird,” of course, was filmed right here in Sacramento, and directed by Sacramento-grown native Greta Gerwig. Each movie will play after a 10-minute short film. Those short films are produced by students in the film program at Sac State. Also, there will be performances from local bands before the movies each night as well. Keeping it local and in the community!

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