Pat, Cody and Tom’s Mother’s Day Contest Winner Surprises Mom With The News

Her mom is losing her memory due to Alzheimer’s. But she’s not losing her sense of humor (video)

By kncitom on May 11, 2020
(Image courtesy Toni Lewis Brown)

Tom here. Pat, Cody and I recently had a photo/video contest Mother’s Day on our Facebook page. We were looking for great images from moms quarantining at home. We had over 200 entries and literally they were all good (we left up on our FB pages if you want to go through them). But the one entry that completely captured our heart came from Toni Lewis Brown. It featured a video of Toni’s backyard, with her fence painted in an eruption of colors. Toni’s caption explained:

Mom has Alzheimer’s. We built her a little she shed in our backyard so I can take care of her…she watches the flowers grow & hummingbirds all day…so, inspired by all the chalk fences students were sharing, I worked all week painting her fence..this is her seeing it completed. She has an amazing sense of humor & can remember & tell jokes from years ago. We treasure each day with her.

So Toni got a $100 Amazon gift card, which she is sharing with her mom…but not before she shared this video with us on Mother’s Day. Toni recorded us talking to her on Friday morning to tell her she’d won. Then she waited til Mother’s Day morning to play back the audio clip for her mom. Not gonna lie, it hit us right in the feels. It also cracked us up (hang in until about the 2:10 mark, you’ll see what we mean).

Thank you Toni, and God bless your mom. Enjoy that gift card!

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