Peach Cobbler Dispute Ends With Gunfire

A man had to take a bullet over a disagreement over peach cobbler, but he says he would do it again if he had to.

By DAVID on May 11, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Look, peach cobbler is delicious, and we’re all certain that our own mama makes it better, right? These two guys were having a disagreement over the tasty treat when a gun came out to solve it. Really it was a dispute over manners and the amount of peaches, but still.

A man was visiting a truck stop to grab a soda when he noticed the guy in line in front of him. The guy was absolutely going off on the woman who served him some cobbler. Apparently there weren’t enough peaches in his order, and he was yelling. A lot. The good samaritan with a soda stepped in to defend the clerks. He said “Dude, you aren’t going to talk to them like that… Everyone that comes to this store knows these women. That is disrespectful.” Truth, it totally was. The angry customer started yelling at the samaritan now, and then walked out of the store.

Probably thinking the argument was over, the soda guy soon was running for cover. The angry customer actually went to his car, got a gun, and started firing into the truck stop. Side note, I couldn’t think of a worse place for someone to open fire, a lot of those guys have guns of their own, but that’s besides the point. Coke guy was running for a dumpster, and ended up actually getting shot. He took a trip to the hospital, but is doing just fine. He says he has no regrets and would absolutely defend the cashiers at that truck stop again if he needed to. What a guy! The angry guy was arrested for attempted murder. Check out some more on the story here.

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