Write You A Song

You know their words and melodies, but maybe not their names: Write You A Song features country music’s most successful songwriters talking about their craft with host Tom Mailey from Bonneville radio station New Country 105.1 KNCI in Sacramento. Tom is a country radio veteran with over 30 years of experience in Seattle and Sacramento, and has always been a song lyric junkie. He hopes this podcast will shine a spotlight on the talented men and women who, mostly behind the scenes, write the songs that become part of our lives. (Follow Tom on Twitter at @kncitom, Instagram at @tomailey or on Facebook at facebook.com/kncipatandtom)
Adam Hambrick: Small Batch Songwriting   (47:32) November 26, 2020
Growing up in Corinth, Mississippi, country singer/songwriter Adam Hambrick loved to sing, but held himself back from the spotlight because he felt that kind of modesty was more in line with the roots and values of his small-town, and the people who lived there. It wasn’t until he went to college that he started to […]
Terry McBride *Extra*   (15:40) November 04, 2020
This extra podcast- which I haven’t done before- came about because 2 people Terry McBride talks about in the current Write You a Song podcast recently passed away since the recording of our interview. One was guitarist JT Corenflos, a long-time Nashville session player whom Terry references when talking about the song “Play Somethin’ Country”, […]
TerryMcBride: Play Somethin’ Country   (51:00) October 31, 2020
In the 1990s and early 2000s, no other songwriter collaborated with Brooks and Dunn more than Terry McBride. He even became Ronnie Dunn’s travel pal, riding from gig to gig on various tours on Ronnie’s bus. Together, they came up more than 20 songs, some of which became stone-cold classics, including Play Somethin’ Country and […]
Tia Sillers And Shannon Labrie: Firewalkers   (51:52) October 03, 2020
Little different episode this month. For the first time, there are two guests. One is a recently-nominated Nashville Songwriting Hall of Fame candidate who wrote one of the most inspiring songs ever recorded, Tia Sillers. And the last 15 minutes or so, we welcome a young singer-songwriter named Shannon LaBrie, with whom Tia collaborated on […]
Mom, Metal and Country Music: Devin Dawson   (53:36) August 29, 2020
Singer/Songwriter Devin Dawson’s debut album, “Dark Horse”, was one of the most critically acclaimed country albums when it was released in 2018. Although it yielded only one top ten hit, “Put It All On Me”, the album’s daring mixture of country, rock, americana and even 70s songwriter pop was something different, and introduced a new, […]
Rodney Clawson: “Dare To Suck”   (52:19) August 01, 2020
Rodney Clawson is one of the most unusual country songwriters to guest on Write You a Song. He’s also one of the most successful. A farmer in Texas most of his life, songwriting was never even a consideration until one day he got a call from a friend who’d moved to Nashville. Annually, he writes […]
Brett Eldredge: The Heart of the Heartland   (32:43) July 01, 2020
In 2017 Singer/songwriter Brett Eldredge was at the top of his game. 5 #1 songs, several more in the top 10, a massive and entertaining presence on social media, TV appearances, Christmas albums and then …. he shut it all down. For 3 years he worked on refocusing his life and somewhere during that process, […]
Paul Overstreet: Who Cares What ‘They’ Think   (54:30) May 29, 2020
Paul Overstreet.  There really doesn’t need to be any further explanation. Paul. Overstreet.
Jessi Alexander: Decatur County Red   (50:06) May 01, 2020
Songwriter Jessi Alexander joined us during the 2nd week of the Covid 19 quarantine- which also happened to be the week when her solo album dropped. Busy homeschooling her kids and trying to promote a new record, she still found time to talk on the podcast about smash hits she’s written for others, including Drive […]
Drew Kennedy: Music You’re Invited To Find   (49:46) March 28, 2020
Texas singer/songwriter Drew Kennedy is a bit of a departure from the normal line-up of commercially successful country songwriter guests on this podcast. But just because he hasn’t had a mainstream radio hit yet doesn’t mean he isn’t talented, successful or without fans. He’s an Americana troubadour, and more than happy to share his tales […]
Neil Thrasher: New Again   (47:22) February 29, 2020
Songwriter Neil Thrasher discusses hits he’s written for Reba, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts and others and talks about staying relevant and why, 25 years into his career, it all feels new again.
Marv Green: Words Inspire Melody   (43:33) February 01, 2020
In an easy, laconic style that you’d expect from someone born and raised in Southern California, songwriter Marv Green (Amazed, Shotgun Rider, True, Creepin’) talks about journeying from the laid-back life of a west coast beach town to becoming one of Nashville’s most in-demand writers. As with any good story of success, there’s talent, hard […]
Lindsay Ell: Long Road To The Starting Line   (38:33) December 28, 2019
Even though she’s only 30 years old, Lindsay Ell has spent most of her life getting to the point she’s at right now: poised to take the next step as a singer, songwriter and pretty sick guitar player. Deviating from most previous podcasts, this interview focuses on an artist who only recently had her first […]
Shane McAnally: Authentic and Real   (48:09) November 29, 2019
If country music’s songwriting community has one common denominator, it could very likely be Shane McAnally. With over 40 #1 songs since breaking through in 2010 with Kenny Chesney’s Somewhere With You (which he co-wrote with JT Harding), McAnally has emerged as gifted a writer and producer as Nashville has ever seen. Seemingly without effort, […]
BobDipiero: “It’s a fine line between stupid and 1/2 million dollars”   (53:59) November 01, 2019
Bob DiPiero is a genuine Nashville songwriting legend, with over 1000 songs recorded, not to mention dozens of top tens and number ones. In this episode of Write You a Song, the Songwriting Hall of Famer shares his journey from Midwest rock n roller to the guy to the guy who wrote some of the […]
Brandy Clark Follows Her Arrow   (40:27) September 28, 2019
Singer/songwriter Brandy Clark has released 2 critically acclaimed albums and scored a handful of hits writing for other artists, including Kacey Musgraves. But she hasn’t yet had the widespread commercial success other songwriters have had, and believe it or not, that’s just fine with her. 
Country Music Highway: Josh Osborne, A Writer’s Drive For Success   (52:37) August 31, 2019
A Grammy, a CMA, an ASCAP and a Music Row Award…plus numerous #1 and top ten hits…those are just at the tip of songwriter Josh Osborne’s resume iceberg. One of the most sought-after songwriters in a city full of them, Osborne’s road to success wasn’t easy or quick. But along the way he learned a […]
Episode 11: Kelley Lovelace, Four Bars And The Truth   (42:06) August 01, 2019
Kelley Lovelace is best known as Brad Paisley’s longtime songwriting collaborator and yes, they’ve written a lot of hits together. But Brad is just one of several artists who’ve benefited from Kelley’s skills. Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood and Joe Nichols have all scored #1 songs thanks to Kelley. This month, he shares his journey becoming […]
Chris Janson, “Certified Weirdo”   (31:21) June 28, 2019
He calls himself a “certified weirdo”, and while, yes, that might be true, Chris Janson is also, without a doubt, a certified musical genius: at age NINE he learned to play music in less than a week… and he’s been doing it ever since. He’s written some pretty huge songs, too, including “I Love This […]
Episode 9 JT Harding   (41:23) May 31, 2019
A famous biological father (whom he’d never met until he was grown) is just one of the many fascinating things about this month’s guest, JT Harding. Listen as he talks about that, his many hits (including “Somewhere With You” for Kenny Chesney and “Sangria” for Blake Shelton) and what it was like to be an […]