Write You A Song

Chris Janson, “Certified Weirdo”

He calls himself a “certified weirdo”, and while, yes, that might be true, Chris Janson is also, without a doubt, a certified musical genius: at age NINE he learned to play music in less than a week… and he’s been doing it ever since. He’s written some pretty huge songs, too, including “I Love This Life” for Locash and “How I’ll Always Be” for Tim McGraw…as well as “Buy Me a Boat” and “Drunk Girl” (among others) for himself. He’s one of the youngest members of the Grand Ol’ Opry ever…and his career is, really, just getting started. Hear the method to his madness, and the madness to his method, on this month’s Write You a Song

Published: Friday June 28, 2019
Runtime: 00:31:21