Write You A Song

Lindsay Ell: Long Road To The Starting Line

Even though she’s only 30 years old, Lindsay Ell has spent most of her life getting to the point she’s at right now: poised to take the next step as a singer, songwriter and pretty sick guitar player. Deviating from most previous podcasts, this interview focuses on an artist who only recently had her first #1 single (“What Happens In A Small Town” with Brantley Gilbert) and is unlike any other female artist in country music in that she can not only sing and write, but she’s also a legitimately talented guitar player in a genre filled with many legendary male guitarists, but very few women. Over 35 minutes she talks about what it’s taken to get here, what she’s learned along the way, and why, as good a singer and guitarist as she is, being a skilled songwriter is still of paramount importance to her–even though, as in the case of “Small Town”, she’s not above recording songs by others. 

Published: Saturday December 28, 2019
Runtime: 00:38:32