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Mom, Metal and Country Music: Devin Dawson

Singer/Songwriter Devin Dawson’s debut album, “Dark Horse”, was one of the most critically acclaimed country albums when it was released in 2018. Although it yielded only one top ten hit, “Put It All On Me”, the album’s daring mixture of country, rock, americana and even 70s songwriter pop was something different, and introduced a new, gutsy songwriter not afraid to address the vulnerabilities and challenges of being someone off to the side…the Dark Horse. Since then, Devin has toured with Tim McGraw, helped co-write one of 2019’s biggest hits, Blake Shelton’s God’s Country, and along with fellow young songwriters like Hardy and Mitchell Tenpenny, is on the forefront of a new generation of country singer/songwriters who are poised to shift Nashville in a new direction, while still respecting its longstanding traditions. **Heads up: this particular podcast contains a few mild curse words**

Published: Saturday August 29, 2020
Runtime: 00:53:35