Write You A Song

Rodney Clawson: “Dare To Suck”

Rodney Clawson is one of the most unusual country songwriters to guest on Write You a Song. He’s also one of the most successful. A farmer in Texas most of his life, songwriting was never even a consideration until one day he got a call from a friend who’d moved to Nashville. Annually, he writes about 160 songs but claims he only gets “10-12 good ideas a year”. Among those good ideas: songs that have gone on to become massive hits, like May We All for Florida Georgia Line and Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean’s Burnin’ It Down and Amarillo Sky, Kenny Chesney’s American Kids, Luke Bryan’s Drunk On You and Bartender for Lady A. And that’s just skimming the surface.

His is one of the most unlikely songwriting success stories you’ll ever hear…and that’s not even counting that when he was in colleged he coached a kid named John Rich on a high school basketball team. Give it a listen and see why he says if you want to be good, sometimes you have to “dare to suck”.

Published: Saturday August 01, 2020
Runtime: 00:52:19