Police Confused After Finding Abandoned House In Middle Of Road [PIC]

So here’s a bizarre story – police found a house that someone left in the middle of the road, like, an actual house.

By DAVID on June 27, 2018
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

You’re probably thinking something like “oh, a homeless person’s home or something,” but no, this is an actual house. It was one of those prefabricated homes that they deliver on a trailer.

It happened in Delaware, and the home was clearly abandoned. Police are confused for several reasons. One, they’ve never seen a house left abandoned on a road. Two, they apparently can’t figure out how it got there. I mean, duh, it was dropped off by a truck, but why or who is a big unknown. I’m sure they can check permit records, you must have to get some special permission to move a house. But then again, if it was left there, discarded, it likely wasn’t a legal move in the first place. We’re assuming though, who knows the real story.

So, like you can see in those pictures, it’s a house. On the road, blocking traffic. It was discovered early yesterday, and as of this morning was still there. It’s a little more difficult to clear an abandoned house from the road. You can’t just call a tow truck. I mean, you probably could, but you’d need, like, 8 or 10 of them probably. Source.

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