President Accidentally Tweets At Wrong Person, World Finds Out About Weed, CA

I don’t care where you line up politically, this is funny.

By kncitom on January 29, 2019


Our president loves the twitter machine and sometimes … it happens to all of us… your fingers get going so fast you make a typo.

Well, he sent a tweet out yesterday intended for Fox news reporter Gillian Turner. The tweet itself was pretty standard stuff—the president was being critical of a report by the broadcaster on border funding—but he got her first name wrong.

So, instead of tweeting at Gillian Turner, he wound up tweeting at JILLIAN Turner…a high school girl in Weed California.

Some of the president’s 57 million followers expressed surprise, not so much at the typo but that there is a town in America called Weed.

For his part the President, who has over 57 million followers, realized his error and hit delete pretty quickly…but not before Jillian took a screenshot and shared with her 552 followers.


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