The Proof Is In The Data – ‘Die Hard’ Is A Christmas Movie

You can’t argue with this extremely well-done research that “Die Hard” isn’t a Christmas movie, but you may change your mind if you don’t already think so.

By nowproducerdave on December 21, 2018
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

It’s a heated debate, and it seems to be getting more debated every year. Is the Bruce Willis flick “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? It takes place in L.A. on Christmas Eve, there’s a Christmas party, and Christmas music. But a lot of people don’t think it’s a Christmas movie at all.

This person spent quite some time putting this research together. If I spent even half that effort when I was in school, well, I’d be a doctor or something today. Anyway, he looked at facts about the movie from all sorts of angles. Deleted scenes, script notes, everything. He noted that the word “Christmas” is even in the script a total of 18 times. “Christmas” is spoken more frequently than “explode,” “shoot,” “kill,” or even “die.” However, it’s mentioned less than “Gun” or “terrorist.”

He goes into much more detail than I could ever cover here, and you’ll just have to scroll through it over here. It’s very entertaining, interesting, and insightful. The author looks at the movie poster, compares the average “Christmas” movie release times, everything. Even when looking back at interviews with one of the writers, it was determined that the “intent” of the film was to be a Christmas flick. The ultimate conclusion is that “in popular culture,” “Die Hard” is indeed considered to be a Christmas movie. He really left no stone unturned here, and it would make any college professor proud. Unless they don’t think “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie – then he’d hope for a bell-curve.

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