Raccoon Climbs Building, Wins Hearts All Across America [PICS/VIDEO]

A little raccoon climbed the side of a 20-story building, and won the hearts of people all over America after successfully getting to the top.

By DAVID on June 13, 2018
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Tough little dude. I can’t even climb out of bed in the morning. This little raccoon somehow decided the building was a tree or something, and climbed to the top. Talk about climbing the corporate ladder.

It happened in Minnesota, on the UBS tower, which is a 25-story building. The raccoon spent more than 20 hours scaling the building, stopping for some breaks along the way. How did he get to the side of that building? Well, it seems as if it was stranded on the top of another building next to the tower. We’re not sure why or how it got there, but it went from that roof to the side of the next building. Gradually throughout the day, it built quite the online following thanks to people documenting him from their office.

Having a nap:

“While a raccoon scaling a skyscraper is pretty much unheard of, climbing in general is a big part of the animal’s survival instincts,” according to Bryan Lueth who is part of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Basically, when threatened or frightened, the animal will climb if it can, rather than run away, if it feels the threat can’t follow. Eventually, that climbing paid off, and the little guy (or gal) made it to the roof of the 25-story building. Up there, some traps were set up so that the raccoon could be taken to a more suitable location, like a wooded area with trees, something like that.

Check out some more info on the raccoon here.

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