Raley’s, Other Businesses Need Workers NOW

By kncitom on March 17, 2020
Photo: Getty Images

It’s been heartening to see the number of businesses both local and national who’ve stepped up their hiring in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. Amazon, Ace Hardware Distribution and Raley’s are among the latest to announce they need temporary workers now to fulfill the demands placed upon their companies by consumers in these uncertain times. To learn more about the opportunities at each of the following, just click the highlighted business name.


Amazon is so overwhelmed that as of Tuesday March 17th, they are limiting order to only those deemed medically necessary or essential to the household. They are hiring 100,000 nationwide right now. 

Ace Hardware Distribution/Rocklin

A Facebook friend of ours posted about this on Tuesday morning.


CEO Keith Knopf posted a letter to customers on their website detailing how the supermarket chain will deal with customer demands going forward, and also detailing their need for temporary workers right now


The warehouse store is another business that is slammed. 



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