Rats Are Pulling Fire Alarms Now [VIDEO]

A rat was given credit (blame?) for pulling a fire alarm in a condo building that sent residents evacuating into the streets in summer heat.

By DAVID on September 10, 2018
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

In Washington DC, there’s a growing rat problem. No, I’m not talking politics and the growing battles between the sides, I mean literal rats. They’re not quite as bad as some of the New York Subways yet, but they’re apparently getting there.

Then there’s this rat in particular who ruined the night of many residents of a condo building. Residents were awakened to the sound of the fire alarm going off. The incident actually happened last summer during the peak of rat season (is that a thing) in DC, but the video just now released. The rat was caught on security camera attempting to climb the wall. You can see the rat hop up onto the hand railing, climbing to the top. He (or she) scampers across the rail towards the wall, and starts planning its climb. It sees the fire alarm box as a good step, and it jumps.

Rather than landing on top of the pull-panel, it grabs the actual handle. Rats carry some weight, so the handle quickly came down, triggering the alarm. The rat was unable to keep hold of the handle, and fell to the floor where it no doubt scampered off. Fire alarm blaring, residents of the building all had to head outside and wait for emergency crews to search the building for a fire that wasn’t there. Here’s the video:


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