A Replica Of The Titanic Will Set Sail On The Same Route In 2022

By Scripps National Desk on October 23, 2018
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Oh. My. GOSHHHHHHHHH. Let me set the scene here by saying I was obsessed with the move Titanic for years. It came out when I was in fifth grade and it lit a fire inside of me. A fire to study the actual ship and a fire for a young Leonardo DiCaprio. So, the news that a replica of the ship will set sail on the original 1912 route is insanely exciting.

“The ship will follow the original journey, carrying passengers from Southampton to New York. But she will also circumnavigate the globe, inspiring and enchanting people while attracting unrivaled attention, intrigue and mystery in every port she visits,” Clive Palmer, Blue Star Line’s chairman said.

The interior decor will be will be the same as the original. But, the actual body of the ship will be welded rather than riveted. And they will even serve a menu inspired by the one from 1912.

While I am not super stitious, I am a little stitious (Michael Scott). So while I want to buy my ticket immediately there are a couple of things holding me back. 1. I don’t think tickets are on sale yet. 2. I probably can’t afford any level of ticket. 3. If it sinks, it seems like I was kind of asking for it because I knew what happened to the first Titanic.

But, the Blue Star Line assures interested parties that the new ship has better safety procedures. And in 2018 it has the benefit of technology advancements. Also, nod to the name Blue Star Line as the original ship was under the White Star Line.

According to TODAY, the original ship only had 20 life boats which could only fit about half of those on board. The new model will have enough life boats for all.

They also did a poll and nearly 2/3 of people said they would not board the ship.

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