Riley Green Snaps Dude’s Arm Arm Wrestling (Warning: NOT for faint-of-heart)

Repeat: This is NOT for the faint-of-heart

By kncitom on December 6, 2019
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Georgia Music Foundation)

It actually happened awhile ago but after country singer Riley Green talked about it in an interview, the Instagram video is making the rounds. What is it? The “There Was This Girl” singer snapping a dude’s arm during an arm wrestling match at a bar in Florida.

Riley, who’s a big guy, said the incident happened 4 years ago at the Flora-Bama (commemorated by a song of the same name by Kenny Chesney on his Big Revival album). Riley explained he had already beaten “2 or 3 other guys” and said his friends went to find someone else. 

That someone else ended up in the hospital in agonizing pain.

Riley posted video on his Instagram and you can see it below but we warn you: it is graphic and the audio of the arm actually snapping can be heard distinctly.  Watch only if you can stomach that kind of thing (Riley apparently can-you’ll notice in the caption he recommends turning the volume up!).

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