Robber Falls Through Ceiling In Front Of Police In Hilarious Botched Theft [VIDEO]

After attempting to use a stolen credit card in a convenience store, two criminals lead a police officer on a hilarious chase that ended with one of them falling out of the ceiling in front of arresting officers.

By austind03 on June 29, 2018
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(Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

There are some dumb criminals, and then there are some that take stupid to a whole new level.

According to TMZ, police arrested two people in Canada for a hilariously failed theft attempt.

Surveillance cameras caught a man an a woman attempting to flee a convenience store with a police officer inside. While the man ended up needing multiple officers and a taser to take him down, the woman was much more crafty.

After escaping into the store’s back room, she climbed into a ceiling vent to flee the scene. However, the ceiling could not support her weight, and she dropped onto the floor right in front of police.

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Both she and the man were then taken away in handcuffs. CTV News also revealed that the man tried using a stolen credit card to buy soda in the store, prompting his initial arrest. Obviously, the pair’s terrible attempt to escape justice has only added more charges to their case.

You can watch the highlights from their escape above, or head here to see the full video in all its glory. Also, let us know about the dumbest criminals you’ve ever heard of in the comments below!

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