Robber Stopped By Customers, Who Then Robbed Robber

A kid was robbing a convenience store when other customers stepped in to stop him – and then they stole things from the robber and left.

By DAVID on August 28, 2018
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Whaaa? Yes, that’s confusing, but yes, you figured it out. A robber was trying to rob from a convenience store when other customers stopped the robbery. They were able to get the guy down and take his gun. Then they took all his other things, and left. The robber was robbed.

The guy was actually a 17-year-old kid. He went into a gas station convenience store, and pulled out a gun. He took $300 worth of cigarettes, and started to leave. As he was leaving, some other customers who were there jumped in to stop the situation, and make sure the robber didn’t get away. Good hero story, right?

Well, those customers who stopped the robber did in fact stop the robbery. But one of those customers reached into the kid’s waistband and took the gun. That guy then left the store. Another customer reached into the kid’s pocket, and took “an unknown item.” He also then left the store. Police showed up to deal with the first robber; the 17-year-old. He was knocked out cold and says he doesn’t remember anything from the robbery. He also denied owning a gun. Police watched surveillance video from the store, and arrested him for “aggravated assault and attempted armed robbery.”

One of those stories that starts out like “heck yeah, get that robber!” and turns into “um, do I support this?” Here’s the original story, see it for yourself.

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