Rocklin Family Wants This Christmas To Be Their Father’s Best

He’s ill, and loves nothing more than to see people enjoy his Christmas light display

By kncitom on December 4, 2019

Pictured above is the house in Rocklin, at 5033 Concord Road (Stanford Ranch area, off Park and Wykford) that we talked about during our Good Stuff segment this morning at 8:10. The short story behind it, if you missed it: the daughter of the home’s owner posted that her father has hung Christmas lights for years, it’s his favorite thing to do. For 25 years his was known as the Griswold house on their street. Unfortunately he has cancer now, and it may he his last Christmas. His daughter and son hung the lights this year, and they posted on Rocklin’s community Facebook page that they want to encourage anyone who would like, to come by his house this season. She says he sits in front of the window of his home in the evening and loves seeing people driving or walking by, enjoying the display. We may do something one night next week with this, but meantime if you can go make his holiday a little brighter, do it! 

PS-he loves peanut butter and Christmas sugar cookies and his favorite carol is Silent Night!

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