Rodney Atkins’ Son Hit By Drunk Driver

“A methed-out drunk driver hit him!”

By kncipat on August 6, 2018
WASHINGTON – NOVEMBER 16: Country music artist Rodney Atkins leans in to his son, Elijah, 6, while performing during a National Adoption Day event in the East Room of the White House November Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In 2006 Rodney Atkins had a smash hit with, “Watching You.”  That song was written about his then 4 year old son, Elijah who also starred in the video.  Fast forward to 2018 and 16 year old Elijah (Eli) is now driving.  Two of the scariest times for parents is when you child starts walking and when he/she starts driving.  So imagine Rodney’s reaction when he got a call from Elijah saying he’d been in an accident. reports that Elijah, miraculously, is fine.  He was slammed into by what Rodney called, “a methed-out drunk driver.”

Rodney took a moment to remind his son to be thankful.  To which Elijah replied, “I know dad.  I’ve learned that when the worst things happen in your life to keep your head up, because that’s when some of the best things are gonna happen.”  Pretty smart for a 16 year old.  Then again he’s been watching.

Here’s Elijah when he was just 4 with his dad.

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