Roseville Cab Driver Stops 92 Year Old From Being Scammed

By kncipat on February 12, 2020
Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images

Imagine if this were your grandmother.  A 92 year old woman living in Sun City called the Roseville Cab Company because she needed to run an errand.  Roseville Cab Driver Raj Singh picked her up.  They started talking and the woman told him she needed to go to her bank.  She had to get money out because the IRS contacted her and said she owed $25,000.  Singh told her it was probably a scam.  The woman insisted it wasn’t.  They volleyed back and forth and Raj finally got her to agree to stop at the Roseville Police station before they hit the bank.  Singh went in while the woman waited in the car.  He talked to an officer.  That officer then walked out to the cab to talk with the woman.  The officer told her that it indeed was a scam.  

Raj is a hero.  His quick thinking saved the woman a lot of money.  We all get scam calls and texts… you owe money on a car warranty for a car that you don’t even own.  A public utility company is demanding money or they’ll cut off your service.  And you owe money to the IRS.  Most of us can sniff these out and ignore them.  But senior citizens need help.  Many, like my mom and dad, are on a fixed income and at the same time they’re very trusting (some would say gullible).  If your grandparents are still around or your parents are older, talk with them.  Alert them so they don’t fall victim to these scams.  As good as Ray Singh is he won’t be there to give a ride to everybody.  

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