Russell Dickerson Reveals He’s Still Not Used To The Fame

Russell Dickerson shared his feelings about becoming famous, and how he still has trouble adjusting to being recognized and getting used to fame.

By NathanG on February 20, 2019
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for SESAC)

Russell Dickerson recently opened up about his slow adjustment to being famous.

According to The Boot, Dickerson admitted that the fame still hasn’t quite sunk in. After the many years of hard work trying to break in to the industry, he now feels weird talking about his newfound fame.

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Dickerson commented on the strange new situation he now finds himself in, and how people now recognize him everywhere. He and his wife witnessed this when they took a trip to Mexico. “We were on vacation at the place where we went to on our honeymoon five years go,” he explained. “I was still doing the same thing [back then], and probably had some of the same songs to play [as I do now].” Dickerson continued, “Going back there now, it’s like, ‘Oh, hey, I know you!’ And, ‘Where do I know you?’ and, ‘How do I know you?'”

As for his recognition within the music industry, Dickerson describes it as more manageable. Having “Yours” and “Blue Tacoma” top the charts, helped Dickerson feel confident in his efforts. “A songwriter friend of mine, after “Blue Tacoma” went No. 1, he was like, ‘You’ve arrived. Welcome,'” Dickerson shared. “It was very solidifying.”

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