Sac Metro Firefighters Break Into Hot Car To Save Dog (Video)

Temperatures inside the locked car had reached 114 degrees

By kncipat on July 25, 2018
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sacramento firefighters had to break into a hot car to save a dog Tuesday.  Temperatures inside the locked car had already reached 114 degrees.  The owner of the car (and dog) claimed a couple of the windows were cracked open.  Sac Fire points out that even if that were the case, on triple digit days no animal or human should be left to sit in a hot car.  And reports that according to California law, you can legally break the window of a car if there’s an animal locked inside and you can’t find the owner (you do have to contact authorities first….like Sac Metro Fire).  Luckily, in this case, the dog is fine.  Here’s video of the rescue:

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