Everyone In Sacramento County Will Now Receive Vote-By-Mail Ballots

Additionally, the 548 polling places will be replaced by 78 vote centers.

By Admin on March 6, 2018
Vote-By- Mail Ballot Sacramento County Primary (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California is changing up the voting process in time for the June 5 primary election. The biggest difference is that everyone in Sacramento County will get a vote-by-mail ballot.

According to the Sacramento Bee, states that sent out ballots to voters have seen an 8% increase in voting. Because of this change, there will now be 52 drop off locations rather than the usual 16.

As for polling places, voting centers will replace all of them. So, all 548 polling places will go away and in their place will be 78 vote centers. These will remain open anywhere from four to 10 days.

I did a vote-by-mail ballot last year and it was easy peasy to fill out and drop off. Plus, it’s harder to forget an election, especially a primary, when you get the ballot in the mail,

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