Sacramento Lands On ‘Worst Cities For Dating’ List

By Cody Briana on February 11, 2020
(Photo By: Chris Hondros / Getty Images)

Finally, a study that backs up my claims! According to a new survey from Apartment List, Sacramento is NOT the place to be if you’re looking for love. We live in one of the worst cities for dating in the country…for the 2nd year in a row. We came in #72 out of 86 metros. The survey is based on locals response to dating satisfaction questions. What makes this all the more interesting is men in Sacramento gave a higher satisfaction rating than women. Either the women here are better than the men or men THINK they’re doing fine when in reality, not so much. The good news is we beat one other California city, and that’s Riverside. So at least we’re not them! Right..?

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