Science Teacher Kills Raccoons During High School Class

A high school science teacher is under investigation for intentionally drowning a couple raccoons in front of a class full of students.

By DAVID on May 16, 2018
(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Pest or not, you shouldn’t kill raccoons in front of students. This high-school science teacher was just suspended for doing just that, and it was caught on video, despite the teacher’s warnings not to record anything.

It happened in Florida at Forest High School. If you’re wondering why that sounds familiar, it’s because it was just in the news. That’s the school where there was a shooting just before students were gathering to walk out for gun violence. This time, a teacher at the school set up an experiment that involved drowning raccoons. One student says that the earlier class was helping to fill the barrel that was used for the drowning. The teacher even asked students not to record the “lesson.”

The reason for the drowning. The school and students raise some animals, like livestock, behind the school. Apparently the raccoons were going after the animals and killed a couple chickens. The teacher was able to capture the raccoons, and then made a contraption that would lower the case into the water. A student says that the whole drowning lasted more than a few minutes. The mother of the student questions why the school didn’t just call someone to relocate the animals. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission people are investigating the event. While police seem to think that no laws were technically broken, there’s no question that it shouldn’t have been done in front of students. See some more info here.

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