Scotty McCreery Talks About Being Potential Judge On ‘American Idol’

Would Scotty McCreery ever want to return to ‘American Idol’ to sit in the judge’s seat? The show’s alum talked about how he’d want to make a return.

By Admin on May 30, 2018
scotty mccreery
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Would Scotty McCreery ever want to return to American Idol to sit in the judge’s seat?

The “Five More Minutes” singer revealed that, while he’d love to return, he’s not so interested in judging. He told Pop Culture:

“Mentor, yes. Judging, I don’t think so. I know how it feels to be on the stage being judged by judges, put in your heart and soul and it’s a whole week of learning this song and putting your best foot forward and sometimes you nail it, sometimes you don’t. It’s not because you didn’t try. So I don’t know that I could judge.”

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Still, even if he’s not going to judge, it’s great that Scotty is interested in mentoring! Now that he’s put that out there, maybe Luke Bryan will call him in. He continued, “I would love to go there and help those contestants. Just give them some insight and little tidbits that I’ve picked up on the show and things I’ve picked up since. It’s a lot to be bagging groceries one month and singing in front of twenty million people the next. That’s a big leap. I’d love to mentor if I could, for sure.”

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