Scotty McCreery Thinks His Upcoming Album Is His Best One Yet

Scotty McCreery is balancing his wedding planning while gearing up to release his upcoming third studio album. He says it’s his best record yet.

By Admin on February 2, 2018
scotty mccreery
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for IEBA)

Scotty McCreery has a lot on his plate these days. On top of prepping for his third studio album, Seasons Change, release in March, he’s also planning a wedding.

The “Five More Minutes” singer got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Gabi Dugal, in September. He told the Boot that planning for the ceremony takes teamwork:

It’s a team effort so far. She’s a nurse, working at Duke Hospital. When she’s working, I’ll pick up a little bit, and when I’m out on the road, she’ll help out a little bit … Engaged life is great. I’m really happy.”

Scotty is also excited to release Seasons Change. He thinks it’s his best album yet:

“I’ve been listening to it nonstop in the car. It’s sounding good. I’m a little biased, but I’m excited about it.”

It’s also turning out to be a love letter to those in his life:

“It’s by far my most personal album I’ve had out yet. I’ve got a song, ‘Five More Minutes,’ for my granddaddy. I’ve got a song I wrote the week before Gabi and I got engaged, but I knew it was coming up. I have a song about my guys back home that I grew up with. Every song is kind of a life story. I’m excited about it.”

Is it March yet?

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