Senior Citizen Goes To Beauty School To Learn To Do His Wife’s Makeup And Hair

By kncipat on May 3, 2021

The almost 80 year old man wanted to remain anonymous but his story is too good to keep quiet. Last week this 79 year old  walked into the College of Hair and Esthetics in Alberta, Canada. He told the director that he wanted to learn to use a curling iron. When asked why he explained that his wife’s vision was failing her and that she kept burning herself. If it wasn’t too much to ask he also wanted to learn how to do her makeup. “My staff and students were so touched by his sincere wish to help his wife of 50 plus years that we all wanted to help him,” said director Carrie Hannah. Soon the man was teamed with a student and mannequin and started learning curling iron techniques and how to protect his wife’s skin. 

He pulled out pictures of his wife and showed everyone in the shop. He bragged about how beautiful she’s always been and has an amazing skillset of typing over 100 words a minute. “Her appearance has always been something she has taken pride in. It’s important to her so therefore important to him,” said Carrie. “He spent about an hour with us for lessons. That’s what real love looks like.”

The man first walked into the college on April 22nd. Since then the man and his wife have stopped in to visit a couple of times to express their gratitude. “They’re both impressed with his new professional skills,” said Carrie. “And her hair looks great!”