Serial Laundry Sniffer On The Loose [VIDEO]

A man was caught on camera sniffing a family’s laundry that was out to dry, and it doesn’t appear to be his first time.

By DAVID on May 14, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A man was caught on camera entering a woman’s back yard and sniffing her laundry. Of all the weird things to report being caught on camera, that’s one of the last I’d think of. Hey, have you ever smelled laundry drying? It’s a great smell. Just don’t do it in your neighbor’s backyard.

It happened over the weekend around 12:30 in the morning. A man jumped the fence into a woman’s backyard. She got an alert from her cameras, so she watched while calling 911. While talking to police dispatchers, she noticed the guy was doing something odd. He approached her laundry that was outside drying, and gave it a good sniff. Then he left. “There was a body back there so I knew there was somebody in the yard… I called 911. I was scared,” the woman says, worried the man was going to break in. The man soon left, and it’s not clear if he took anything, or what he sniffed. #creep

Something else weird – this isn’t the first time the laundry sniffer has been there. The day after Christmas, they recorded the same thing – a man sniffing their laundry then walking away. When talking to the neighbors, one says “It’s a pervert smelling laundry… I’ve got little kids and if I saw that video of that guy smelling my kids’ laundry I would lose it.” A police report was filed, and hopefully the guy gets caught for this really weird thing. Check out some more info here. No word on what detergent/fabric softener the family uses, either.

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