The ‘Sexiest’ Cow Of Britain Has Just Been Crowned [PIC]

Britain has just held a “sexiest cow” contest, and the winner has been chosen to udder disbelief.

By DAVID on June 12, 2018
(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Yet another weird headline thanks to internet-land. Yeah, Britain held a “sexiest Cow” competition, and out of many applicants, they’ve found their sexiest. That’s so weird to say, and I honestly contemplated even reporting on this story.

So nevermind on the odd part about calling a cow “sexy,” that’s an obvious pass. Let’s instead just focus on the competition. The contest, being called a “gruelling judging process,” was finally completed after combing through all the submissions. There were actually about 40 entries, with 3 being called top-cow. There was the winner, obviously, and two runner-ups. Runner-up #1 was a cow from Suffolk named Bonnie, and runner-up #2 was from Tetford, named Tetford Twinkle.

The winner, crowned “sexiest cow,” is a cow from a place called Gooseform Farm. That farm is in Devon area, about 3.5 hours west of London. Her name is Char, and she’s a Jersey Cow, seen below:

The Jersey Cow is a smaller breed of dairy cow, known for being more “low maintenance.” Their milk is high in butterfat, and the cows themselves tend to be more “friendly.” Anyway, Char won the title of “sexiest cow,” and we’re sure her owner/farmer is very proud. The farmer, by the way, got an award too. They get to go to a spa for the weekend, while the cow gets a full photoshoot. Not making this up. More on the bovine bulletin can be seen here.

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