Hundreds Of Sexual Assault Reports Made Against Massage Envy

One of the victims will be taking Massage Envy Franchising to court this January.

By Admin on November 28, 2017
(Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

In a shocking exposé recently released, Massage Envy is taking heat with almost 200 women coming forward with stories of sexual assault from massage therapists at the popular chain.

According to the report by Buzzfeed News, there have been hundreds of sexual assault lawsuits filed against Massage Envy along with state board complaints. One of the women who filed a suit, Susan Ingram, spoke out against her therapist, James Deiter, detailing the assault that occurred during one of her sessions in 2015.

She finally reported Deiter to the police after the manager failed to intervene or help, and it was only after questioned by authorities that Deiter pleaded guilty to sexually molesting nine clients from the fall of 2014 to spring 2015.

This incident highlights a huge issue with the company itself, which has neglected to not only enforce policy but refuse to handle cases such as Ingram’s lawfully. According to Buzzfeed News’ lawyers, sometimes Massage Envy spas offered settlements to clients before lawsuits were filed, which left no public record.

Some locations continue to keep accused therapists on staff and others have quietly let them go, but without reporting them to police, meaning they can continue to find employment with other massage parlors and with a clean record.

Ingram will be taking Massage Envy Franchising to court this January.

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