Shark Knocks 7 Year Old Boy Off Surfboard (Video)

By kncipat on December 3, 2019
Photo courtesy of Shaun Moore

Surfing seems like it could be the most fun ever, until something like this happens.  7 year old Chandler Moore was out for a day of surfing with his dad Shaun last Saturday at New Smyrna beach in Florida.  Everything was going well until a shark knocked Chandler off his board.  Thank God he was fine.  In fact neither Chandler or his dad realized what happened until they were looking at their gopro video later and actually slowed it down.  That’s a shark for sure!  Chandler’s reaction? “I’m like the luckiest boy ever.”  And what does Chandler want to do next weekend?  Yep, get right back out there.   Take a look at the video.

And here’s the news story courtesy of WESH TV in Orlando. 


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