Singles You Up Singer Marveled As It Rose Up Country Singles Chart

By kncitom on May 23, 2018
Jordan Davis (r) with Morgan Wallen backstage at Golf and Guitars 2018

By Pat and Tom

Jordan Davis’ “Singles You Up” recently hit the top spot on the Billboard country chart but it wasn’t a rocket ride. The song has been a single since last summer, and it took somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 months for it to hit #1. Which is a long time for any song but when it’s your debut? It could be a little nerve-wracking for some but for Jordan, it was something he’s been grateful for.

“As a new artist, just releasing a single to kinda let people know who you are…” Jordan told us at Golf and Guitars, “…to see that get accepted the way it did…the last year of my life has been something that I never would of thought would turned out that way.”

What KNCI event does Jordan give all the “credit” to for kicking off his career (tongue-in-cheek, of course)? Watch our quick little interview with him below to find out

Live with Mr. Singles You Up, Jordan Davis! #GolfandGuitars

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